Like I Would – Zayn – Cover by Emma Heester

Emma Heesters is a Dutch multi-talented singer and songwriter born 8th January 1996. She is very well known for her cover songs on her YouTube channel which currently has over 162,000 subscribers. At her age of 8 she already won her first prize a Dutch song music festival for kids.

At her age of 14 she already started her professional career and was a lead singer at a band called Villagroove. She also has a passion for dancing. She performed pop songs at local weddings and parties. At the same time she was the lead singer in a duo called Spoiled. On top of this she also had various roles in musicals produced by Musical-Vrienden and performed as a solo artist at M-Lab in Amsterdam from 2011 to 2013. In 2013 she decided to go fully solo and quit her previous bands.

She likesto mix the music genres and you can see and hear her singing pop, R&B and dance/house music. Emma has over 8 million views on Vube and 10 million views on YouTube and the numbers keep growing which is a clear indication she got something special to deliver.

She also started producing her own original music which she promotes on her YouTube channel.

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