Cover by Dana Williams singing Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

Dana Williams has given this popular song a new jazzy feel.The original song by Twenty One Pilots can be found on the soundtrack of Suicide Squad movie.

Dana started at her early age to show her interest in music. Not very surprising as her father, David Williams, a genius guitar player has been working with superstars like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston.

She has started her own legacy in the field and has up until today gained popularity in the hip-hop community where she has collaborating with Freddie Gibbs on his new songs Hard, The Diamond and McDuck.

With her talent, she made it to the top 4 on ABC’s rising star and there are many accomplishments she has done to get this. A few of them is her song Keep Me Waiting which is in the Oscar-winning movie Whiplash soundtrack. She also has her appearance in the Holiday Apple Ad.

If you have time also have a look at her Youtube channel where you can listen to many other cover songs. Her fanbase is growing which you can see by the thousands of subscribers. Her brand is to give a soulful taste of famous music artist like Shawn Mendes, Lana del Ray, Fetty Wap and Rihanna.

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