Cheap Thrills – Sia – Cover by Kina Grannis & KHS

Have you ever thought how many musical instruments you can get out of a bicycle?

Check out this amazing version of Cheap Thrills by SIA cover by Kina Grannis. All the beats are made out of just turning the wheels, using the bike pedals, tapping the tires, ringing the bell and much more. Very creative I have to say.

On top of that you have Kina Granner’s unique voice that I have to say goes very well with rhythm done by KHS. Enjoy this gem people!
Going back in time, Kina is an American singer/songwriter born 1985. She started at early age showing the love for music. At elementary school she composed music on her piano and submitted the lyrics to competitions.
In 2008 she won the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. she earned a record deal with Interscope Records since she won the contest. The reward was her video being played during the TV commercials of Super Bowl XLII. Later in 2011 she won the Best Web-born artist at the MTV O Music Awards.

Addition to her creative talents she is also passionate about giving support health organizations. She is an avid supporter of cancer research organisation Relay for Life and participated in several functions.
She has also contributed her music to Band Together: To Fight Measles album. Probably what stand closest to her is the participation in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco for supporting Leukemia Lymphoma Society to honour her mother. In 2012 she raised the bar even higher when she started a charity project called Run Team Kina where the goal was to promote personal health and wellness. In the end they managed to raise $71,886 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
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