A Hindi Mix of Love Yourself by Justin Bieber – Cover by Raga & DoubLe-S’

D18 Studios

These guys know for sure how to put a new spin to Love Yourself by Justin Bieber and can almost say they do it better than JB himself. The song is recorded at the D18 Studio in West Dehli. Their motto is to ‘Build Artist’ and this video is a sure proof of it.
D18 stands for Dehli 18 and is a Rap and R&B crew of two former engineers, now turned into music artists with the heart for the Indian Underground Hip Hop Culture.

They go under the artist names Duo of Double-S’ (Manish Semwal) and Raga (Anurag Atwal) and if you haven’t heard about these two before I will be surprised if you don’t hear from the more in the near future.
Also, check out D18’s YouTube channel for more upcoming artists and songs from the duo.

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