Michael Jackson Thriller – by Sapphire

It’s Halloween and time to give you give shivers down your spine

It’s time again, all you mortals! Halloween is here and all the night creatures crawl out for the search of blood. Be aware of demons crawling out of your screen as you watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller cover by Sapphire. So Happy Halloween, my friends! Woooohahahaha!

Sapphire is just 13 years old and already made her name known across the world as a singer and song writer. She has fan clubs in USA, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, Russia, Australia and a fast growing popularity in UK. Her Youtube channel has currently over 276.000 subscribers and over 55M views.

She recently has stepped out of the camera lens and performed many live performances all over the world. Amongst them, Berlin area, club Bitter End in New York, Wembley Arena in London, National Indoor Arena in Birmingham and Lanxess Arena in Cologne where all 15,000 tickets sold out.

Sapphire is now carving out her own materials with one of the top producers in the music industry. So you will soon see her performing her own original music very soon.

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